Sid McMillan Artist Profile
Sid McMillan | Fine Artist

Sid McMillan was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1970. 

Following several summers in the Whistler backcountry working closely around a black bear named DaVinci, Sid painted a simple version of the bear for his son, sparking his interest in creative expression. 

Sid - who has no formal art training - specializes in large, acrylic on wood panel pieces. Using stencils, contrast, texture and iridescent paints, his pieces are visually striking, and possess a simple, iconic style that borrows from both native art and cave drawings. 

“My pieces aren’t meant to be high art - I can’t even draw - they’re meant to be bears, in the basest, most symbolic sense. When you walk in to their space, they demand your attention.” 

A portion of net sales go to The Get Bear Smart Society in Whistler, BC.

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