History & Strategic Planning



July 1, 1982:
First Annual General Meeting.
President: Glenda Bartosh
Vice-President: Chris Moore
Secretary: Anita Webster
Treasurer: Tom Barratt
PR Officer: Inge Nielsen

July 10, 1982: First event Art exhibit and sale at the Black comb Lodge featured 17 local artists: Charlie Doyle, Penney Dories, Isobel MacLaurin, Suzanne Wilson, John Bartosik, Brenda Bishop, Ken Wesman, Mary Swain, Meg Watt, Michaela Welti, Eugene Rickli, Germaine Degenhardt, Connie Aronson-Allen, Star Bredt, Laurel Ramsay, Inge Nielsen.
September 10, 1982: Dance at Myrtle Philip gym with Reckless Driver.
December 12, 1982: Fine art exhibit featuring Isobel Maclaurin, John MacNeill and Ken Wesman.


March 5, 1983: Terminal City Dance featuring Karen Rimmer.
May 11, 1983: Meeting: Lynda Lesch from North Vancouver District Library spoke about plans for a library in Whistler. Joan Richoz chaired the committee to look into starting a library. Angela Kaija to offer a theatre workshop.
June 18/19,1983: Children's Art Festival organized by Margaret Long. 38 art workshops at Myrtle Philip School including maskmaking, banner making, photography, multimedia. Performances by: Molly Boyd's Children's Choir, Lynda Lesch - storyteller, Karate demonstration, Valdy, Pied Pear Art show at Blackcomb Lodge featuring: Irene McCutcheon, Carol Storms, Isobel Maclaurin, Christian Ricordi, Howard Fry, Eugene Rickli and Rosemary Crawford. Author readings by: Garnet Hewitt and Heather Woodall, Claudia Holder and Graham Walker August 20/21.
July 13, 1983: Second Annual General Meeting President: Glenda Bartosh Vice-President: Lilja Kaiser Secretary: Iris Good Treasurer: Caroline Tompkins PR: Sonya McCarthy Discussion: To build a 4500 sq ft community centre including a library, museum, daycare and multifunctional area. Douglas Chapman re: establishing Whistler music academy and offering masters' classes. Drama group led by Lisa Carlberg.
September 16, 1983: Class of '83 Art Show at the Delta organized by Sonya McCarthy Art work featuring: Charlie Doyle, Ken Wesman, Gilbert Boulanger, Isobel Maclaurin, John Bartosik, Greg Griffith. Entertainment by Charlie Doyle and Foot in the Door, Francine the clown, Laurie Ashton dance, local poet "Kaz", singer Betty Chaba.
October 27, 1983: Valdy at Myrtle Philip - 175 attended.
November 24, 1983: Peak Performers at the Longhorn Charlie Doyle and Gerry Hieter in Heroes by Ken Mitchell Jenny Busdon and Nancy Trieber in Smoke in Babel Rap by John Lazarus.
December 11, 1983: Vancouver Cantata Singers at the Delta.


March 8-10, 1984: Winterfest Art Show at the Blackcomb Lodge.
June 16/17, 1984: Children's Art Festival Entertainers: Robert Munsch children's author; Lynda Lesch Storyteller; Elizabeth Brochman children's author; Graham Walker - children's author. Performances by: Extraordinary Clown Band; Jane Bailey and Dance Company did a demo on the "crazy new art of break dancing"; Axis Mime. Music by: Michael d'Artois; Karen Overgaard; Molly Boyd.
October 21, 1984: Author reading by Susan Musgrave.
December 15, 1984: Vox Humana at the Delta.


February 16/17, 1985: Art Show - Whistler Community Arts Council and local artists with the graduates of Emily Carr College of Art.
May 8, 1985: Author reading by W.P. Kinsella at the Delta.
June 15/16/ 1985: Children's Art Festival 75 workshops - $1.50 each. Performances by: Kaleidoscope Story Theatre Company, Paul Hann, Anna Wyman Dance. Author readings by: Bill Richardson, Frances Duncan and Graham Walker.


March 14, 1986: Piano performance by Bruce Vogt at Rainbow Theatre Art show and sale in atrium in conjunction with Bau-Xi Gallery.
April 6, 1986: Creative writing workshop by Elizabeth Brochmann.
April 27, 1986: Author reading by Constance Beresford-Howe.
June 14/15, 1986: Children's Art Festival 64 workshops. Performances by: Major Conrad Flapps, Debbie Brown Dances and Rick Scott.
October 1986: Annual General Meeting: President: Elizabeth Chaplin / Vice-President: Margaret Long / Secretary: Joan Richoz / Treasurer: Heather Hull / Membership Director: Pene Domries / Director at Large: Shirley McIntosh
SHOWCASE 86 First Performance Series - organized by Margaret Long at the Rainbow Theatre - Adults $8 each or $14 for 2.
October 19, 1986:  Jumpstart.


January 16, 1987:  First wine and cheese social for WCAC members.
January 25, 1987: Stephen Boswell.
March 25-28, 1987: IMAGES '87 Art Exhibit and Sale organized by Pene Domries and Joan Richoz. Participating artists: Michael Davis, Frazer Lorimer, Ken Wesman, Charlie Doyle, Allan Batross, Hedy Heilman, Ann Hurst, Leanna Rath, Pene Domries, Dave Buzzard, Joanne Turnbull, Patrick L. Meagher, Liz Conway, Isobel Maclaurin, Shelley Kerwynn, S. Beverley, Anne Staehli, Michaela Welti, Sherri King, Ruth Buzzard and Martina Schiessler.
April 26, 1987: Bim and Norm McPherson.
June 20/21, 1987: Children's Art Festival 67 workshops. Performances by: Pepper Kaminoff; Judith Marcuse Dance Company; Charlotte Diamond; Kay Thompson storyteller; Practically Peerless Players; D'Arcy Puppet Theatre; WRA street entertainment starts summer of 1987.
SHOWCASE 87 - organized by Margaret Long.
October 25, 1987: Stephen Boswell and the Deep Cove Chamber Soloists.


February 14, 1988:  Debbie Brown Dance Company with Rick Scott.
June 18, 1988: Robert Minden Ensemble.
December 5, 1988: First Bizarre Bazaar - At Myrtle Philip School.
WCAC struggles to "obtain affordable space for hosting the arts and obtaining financial support", Joan Richoz, President.
January 20, 1988: Workshop for volunteers led by Donna Yates.
April 2, 1988: ART '88 Participating artists: Michael Davies, Isobel Maclaurin, Leanne Rath, Ann Hurst, Shelley Kerwynn, Sherri King, Mike Culwell, Paul Morrison, Dave Lallac, Brian Smith, Robert Proulx, Pene Domries.
June 18/19, 1988: Children's Art Festival Performances by: Theatre Inconnu; Lynne Stones; Kaleidoscope Story Theatre Company; Freshwater Singers; Magic Extravaganza.


Performance Series 1989 - Organized by Margaret Long.
January 29, 1989: The Melloyds.
April 16, 1989: Jumpstart.
May 28, 1989: Goh Ballet.
June 1989: Children's Art Festival. Performances by: Theodore Gabriel, harpist; Mimic Sole, mime; Mr. Smythe, mime; Sunshine Pie Puppets; Dancing Bear, storyteller; Graham Walker, storyteller.



June 9 & 10, 1990: Children's Art Festival. Performances by: Graham Walker and Persephone; Sand, mime; The Fortunes; Eric Gordon, storyteller; Theatre Inconnu.


1990/1991 Series ­ Organized by Pene Domries Axis Mime - #14; Lorne Elliott; Rawlins Cross; Loreena McKennitt; Too Blonde.


Children's Art Festival. Performances by: Angela Brown; Bing Jensen; Marang; Gordon White, clown
October 1992: First residency and performance by Missoula Children's Theatre ­ Pinocchio.
Performance Series ­ organized by Catherine Rockandel Decidedly Jazz Danceworks; Babayaga; Gizmo Guys; Mascall Dance.


Children's Art Festival. Performances by: Pam Southwell; The Oddballs; Nonesuch Puppets; Ache Brasil.
Missoula Children's Theatre ­ Cinderella - Organized by Karen Playfair.
Performance Series: organized by Catherine Rockandel.
October 2, 1993: Local Anxiety.


February 19, 1994: Axis Mime, The Number 14.
April 10, 1994: Robert Minden Ensemble.
Bizarre Bazaar - Coordinated by Catherine Rockandel; 70 artisans.
First bursary awarded to A.J Boyd of Pemberton to attend National Ballet of Canada summer school.


Children's Art Festival. Performances by: Apodaca Theatre; Joey Hanlon; Ladybugs; Abracadabra.
Art Walk ­ Coordinated by Alison Hunter.
ArtRageous adopted by Whistler Arts Council from Christina Nick who originally created the event in 1990
Performance Series 1994 ­ organized by Tamsin Miller and Jim Jackson; Trent Arterberry ; Suzy and Uncle Joe.
Missoula Children'sTheatre ­ Jack and the Beanstalk; organized by Karen Playfair.
Member Group Bursaries: Whistler Singers; Whistler Public Library; Whistler Children's Chorus.
Beat The Blahs Theatre Festival 1995 organized by Tamsin Miller.
February 10, 1995: Lucien.
February 17, 1995: Moonlodge.
March 3, 1995: f"word.
Fall 1995 Performance Series - Organized by Tamsin Miller.
October 6, 1995: Three Blonde Too.
October 27 1995: Arrogant Worms.


Performance Series ­ organized by Tamsin Miller
Grinning Dragon Theatre ­ The complete works of love.
December 2, 1996: Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia ­ Stuart Little Axis Mime ­ Trolldom


February 2, 1997: Cashore Marionettes
February 16, 1997: Rick Scott
Performance Series - organized by Tamsin Miller.
March 7, 1997: Vancouver Theatresports ­ Free Willie Shakespeare
March 14, 1997: Shameless Hussy Productions - Son of a Bitch Stew.
April 11, 1997: Lorne Elliott
May 11, 1997: Streetnix
Children's Art Festival 1997: Performances by: Hooked on books; Paul Hann; Blackthorn Performance Series 1997 - organized by Tamsin Miller.
October 24, 1997: Sisa Picari
November 7, 1997: Chinese Music Ensemble
November 15, 1997: S.W.A.R.M.


Performance Series 1998 - organized by Tamsin Miller
February 13, 1998: Scraping the surface ­ Lyle Victor Albert
February 20, 1998: Joe Sealy Quartet
February 27, 1998: Cat Schrodinger and Doghouse Heinsenberg
March 27, 1998: Pattison, ventriloquist
April 3, 1998: Black Umfolosi
April 24, 1998: Potato People
April 1998: Tamsin Miller receives BC Touring Council's Presenter of the Year Award
Children's Art Festival 1998: Performances by: Joey Hanlon, Celso Machado, Abracadabra Magic
September 12/13, 1998: Tony 'n Tina's Wedding
Performance Series 1998: organized by Tamsin Miller
October 5, 1998: Elias Vargas and Co ­ Gypsy Soul
October 9, 1998: Scruj MacDuhk
October 23, 1998: Olam
November 28, 1998: Fred Penner ­ 2 shows
November 7/8 1998: First Arts and Crafts Experience at the Chateau Whistler Public Library


Performance Series 1999 - organized by Tamsin Miller
February 16, 1999: Al Simmons
March 12, 1999: Barachois
March 26, 1999: Vancouver Theatresports
February 19, 1999: Dreamer's Rock
February 27, 1999: Al Simmons
March 17, 1999: The Arrogant Worms
October 29, 1999: The Barra MacNeils
November 19, 1999: Shari Ulrich



January 7, 2000: Bed Among the Lentils
February 4, 2000: Oscar Lopez
March 4, 2000: Axe Capoeira
April 7, 2000: Awele Makeba
April 2000: Tamsin Miller receives the BC Touring Council's Presenter of the Year Award
May 2000: Children's Art Festival
June 9-11, 2000: Whistler Art Experience/Artrageous
October 10-14, 2000: Missoula Children's Theatre
November 25, 2000: Bizarre Bazaar
October 20, 2000: Troika! The National Folk Ensemble of Russia
December 8, 2000: Michael Kaeshammer ­ Boogie woogie pian


February 2, 2001: Tonight . Piaf starring Joelle Rabu
March 17, 2001: Dufflebag Theatre performing Peter Pan
March 30, 2001: The Truth About Daughters with Nils Ling
May 27, 2001: Rick Scott with Shari Ulrich
June 29-July 7: Whistler Art Experience
July 7, 2001: Artrageous local art show
September 15-17, 2001: Strategic Planning Session
October 8-13: Missoula Children's Theatre - Cinderella
November 24: Bizarre Bazaar: Annual Christmas Craft Fair; 10 am-6:30 pm; Whistler Conference Centre
Annual General Meeting: Wednesday November 28 - 7:30 pm - Upper Lobby; MY Place
October 26, 2001: A Fine and Pleasant Misery starring Tim Behrens
November 2, 2001: Objects in the Mirror are Stranger than they Appear ; Starring Lyle Victor Albert
December 9, 2001: Don't try this at home - The Juggernaut Jug Band


January 25, 2002: Burnt Tongue & It's me, Only Better, starring Shannon Calcutt
March 8, 2002: Carlos del Junco with special guest Don Ross
March 22, 2002: Lisa Lindo Trio
April 5, 2002: The Spirit of Harriet Tubman ­ Starring Leslie McCurdy
April 13, 2002: The Dance Theatre of Oregon - Greatest Hits on Tour
May 25-26, 2002: Children's Art Festival
May 26, 2002: The Bill Hilly Band ­ World music for the whole family
June 2002: Student Art Award Recipients:

  • Alexandra Milner, Myrtle Philip Community School, Whistler
  • Alexandra McLean, Whistler Secondary School
  • Miranda Miller, Signal Hill Elementary, Pemberton
  • Jocelyn Harris, Pemberton Secondary

July 2, 2002: Hired first Executive Director, Doti Niedermayer
July 5, 2002: ARTrageous at the Conference Centre. 42 artists; 500 attendance.
September 2002: Member Group Bursaries: Whistler Public Library, Howe Sound Arts Association, Between Shifts Theatre Society.
September 2002: Produced Whistler Art Tour; brochure of public art, galleries and businesses that display art in Whistler. Included some artists with studios open to the public.
October 19, 2002: Missoula Children's Theatre: Jack & the Beanstalk at Myrtle Philip School
November 27, 2002: Annual General Meeting
November 30, 2002: Bizarre Bazaar at the Delta Whistler Resort. 68 artisans from Whistler and lower mainland.
November 1, 2002: Todd Butler


January 2003: Planning Session for the Board of Directors
February 8, 2003: TJ Dawe in The Slip-Knot
February 14-March 6, 2003: Celebration 2010 ­ Whistler Arts Showcase. A province wide celebration of the arts in support of the 2010 Olympic bid. Whistler's Showcase featured participating groups: Whistler Dance Academy, Whistler Film Festival, Whistler Writers Group, Whistler Public Library, Whistler Museum & Archives Society, Whistler Gymnastics, Whistler Photographic Society, Whistler Singers, Whistler Arts Council.
February 21, 2003: the bluehouse
March 29, 2003: Huun Huur Tu
April 10, 2003: Lorne Elliott
May 9, 2003: Pavlo
April 18, 2003: 1st Annual Winemakers Dinner at the Bearfoot Bistro. A Performance Series Fundraiser for MY Place & Whistler Arts Council hosted by CBC Radio's Rick Cluff.
May 24 & 25 2003: Whistler Children's Festival. Featuring over 300 kids plus parents participating in 80 workshops. The Preschool Space Station was also enormously successful with over 100 children throughout the weekend.
May 2003: Student Art Award & Bursary Recipients: Bronwyn Lawrie, Myrtle Philip Community School,

  • Matthew Friesen, Whistler Secondary School,
  • Riva Fisher, Signal Hill Elementary,
  • Deanna Ross, Pemberton Secondary;
  • Bursary: Brittany Duggan, Whistler Secondary

2003 Art Awards Jury:

  • Trina Eby (Dance);
  • Britt Germann (visual);
  • Stella Harvey (literary);
  • Duane Hepditch (visual, multi-media);
  • Tessa McLaughlin (music)

July 5, 2003: ARTrageous: at the Frontenac Ballroom, Fairmont Chateau Whistler. Featuring 28 local artists; roving performers: Reverend Dee Parton, Dr. Enrico Ballouardo Ph.D., Sand Northrup. Musical performances by: Juan de Marias, The Tragically Hick, DJ Chili, DJ Dr. Digglesworth, Latin Funk Dance with Gustavo & Corazon Dance & Juno Nominees, Rumba Calzada.
September, 2013: Member Group Bursaries: Whistler Film Festival, Whistler Writers Group.
October 13-18, 2003: Missoula Children's Theatre ­ The Frog Prince
October 3: Nils Ling in The Truth About Love and/or Marriage
November 8: Michael Kaeshammer
November 20 & 21: Norman Foote
December 6, 2003: Bizarre Bazaar at the Whistler Conference Centre. Whistler's Original Artisan Market featured 111 artisans from Whistler, Lower Mainland and across B.C. Attendance: 4,100


January 10: Cynthia MacLeod & Gordon Belsher
January 17: SWARM
January 24: Charles Ross ­ One Man Star Wars Trilogy
February 7: Alfie Zappacosta
February 12-March 31: Celebration 2010 ­ Whistler Arts Showcase
The 2004 Showcase featured an Opening Night Cabaret with guest athletes and performers from the Sea to Sky Corridor; Uzume Taiko from Vancouver; Adventure Film Showcase by the Whistler Film Festival Society; author and adventurer Colin Angus with Lost in Mongolia by Whistler Public Library; Literary Leanings by the Whistler Writers Group with visiting authors Karen X. Tulchinsky, Annabel Lyon, John Moore, Kevin Chong, Lee Henderson and local authors Stella L. Harvey, Jennifer Cowan, Rebecca Wood Barratt, Sara Leach, Stephen Vogler, Brandi Higgins, Lara Bozabalian and Lisa Richardson; Tuned Women, originals from local musicians; Whistler Dance Theatre in Blue Earth; Frozen Time: Glaciers in the Coastal Mountains exhibition by Whistler Museum & Archives Society; revive REJUVENATE renew visual art and photography exhibition by the Whistler Arts Council and Photographic Society.
February 24: Two Planks & A Passion Theatre Company in Halo
March 5: McDades
March 12: Shannan Calcutt in Out of My Skin
April 3: Pavlo
April 16: Veda Hille
May 1: Rick Scott
May 11: Montreal Guitar Trio
June 26: Chris Gibbs in The Power of Ignorance


Strategic Planning

In our Mission Statement, we identify artists, locals, guests and stakeholders as our key customers. Our Vision Statement reflects why we as an organization fundamentally exist, whom we serve, and what we would like to accomplish. Ultimately our goal is to have Whistler recognized as a centre for the arts as well as world-class recreation.

The following is a summary of our Strategic Plan approved on May 11, 2005:

For a copy of our Strategic Plan click here

To view our organizational plan click here

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