Past Exhibits

'How I See It' Fine Art Photography Show
July 1st to September 15th, 2013

Although most photographers use a set of rules or elements in order to create a composition, inevitably the final image depends on how the photographer sees the subject. Because each person is unique, so is the way a person creates a composition when looking through the lens of a camera. This collection of photographs showcases the work of 7 photographers and their individual style and techniques. Although each photographer created his or her images without knowledge of the others’ work, these photographs were selected based on the similarities between them – either through subject matter or the use of related compositional elements.


Whistler Secondary School Grade 11 & 12 Student Art Show - May 1 to 31, 2013
Opening Night: Tuesday, May 14, 6pm - 7pm

The senior students of Whistler Secondary School will have their annual end of year art show at the Scotia Creek Gallery at Millennium Place. Students from Art 11/12 from both semesters 1 and 2 will present their best works from their last semester of school. Students use a varierty of mediums including photography, paints, inks, pencil and charcoal to name a few. This annual art show is a peak at up-and-coming local talent. We hope to see some of them go on to attend art schools around the world. Many of the works will be on sale in the gallery so please come by and have a look.


"Night Lights" 
April 1 - 26, 2013

When Arne Gutmann was denied his own solo show he decided to produce a group show featuring night photography printed on vinyl stickers. Providing the other artists’ website information he explained that the artists weren't well known and did not have their own sites. He sent labels and bios for each of the artists in the show, gave interviews and talked about all of the artists’ work. At the opening on April 1, 2013, Arne stood in front of 30 guests and stated simply, “There are no other artists; it’s just me”. The crowd roared with laughter and applauded him, many stating that the concept of deception brought a new and interesting twist to the exhibit. Gutmann wanted to work with night photography as it is a unique genre that is rarely featured in modern galleries. He carefully selected 'photographers' of different backgrounds, geographical locations, cultures and age groups to represent as much diversity as possible. The stunning pieces compliment the genre and range in subject matter from landscape to architecture, and street art to transportation.


Claudia Segovia 
March 12 – 26, 2013

Passionate about imaginary creatures, Vancouver-based Segovia has painted and created hundreds of 3D monsters. Different colours and textures intuitively spring to life, animating the canvas, forming extraordinary beasts and beauties. Allowing her intuition to guide her during the creative process, the creatures come to life organically, sometimes beyond the limits of her imagination. Upon discovering these playfully unique creatures, she works to extract meaning from their form.


Art For An Oil-Free Coast
March 2 - 10, 2013 

Over Fifty Artists…including Canada’s celebrated  Robert Bateman, Roy Henry Vickers, Chili Thom, Mike Svob, David McEown and Gaye Adams – are using their language of paintbrushes and carving tools to portray our fragile coast. The art is now on tour. The exhibitions are opportunities to see the incredible works of art that have been donated by the artists to Raincoast in a effort to stop Enbridge’s Northern Gateway oil tanker proposal.  All the art is being sold by auction with 100% of the proceeds going to our oil-free coast campaign.


February 4 - 27, 2013

Layers is an art exhibit featuring the artistic process rather than the final product. Artists Nasser Ghaderi, Sarah Northcott and Kedrick James use acrylic, photographic images and other forms of media to expose and hide aspects of their art. Layers reveals how the process allows the artists to observe their personal growth as the final works reflect their background influences. Nasser Ghaderi uses a variety of tools and painting techniques including throwing, splashing, dripping, drizzling, trickling, and swooshing. Sarah Northcott uses spontaneous pouring, dripping and spraying of polymer gel over her acrylics to hide and accentuate exposed layer. Kedrick James uses the background and non-subjective elements of online photos in his work.


"Live For The Moment" Art Show
January 10 – 30, 2013

The exhibit is an emotional statement about the emptiness and shock young men feel when they lose a male peer. Some photos feature activities shared among friends in a spirit of adventure, excitement and a desire to get the most out of life. Others show the ways young men have memorialized their friends through tattoos or trips to special places.


Whistler’s Festival of Lights and "White Out" Art Exhibit
December 18, 2012 – January 7, 2013

The Whistler Arts Council in partnership with the RMOW is holding it’s 3rd annual Whistler Festival of Lights Exhibition in Millennium Place December 18th, 2012 – January 7th, 2013. Experience Scotia Creek Gallery, Whistler’s only public gallery, in a whole new light - an ambient glow of lanterns and light sculptures. Over 200 lanterns that have been created over the past 2 years by children, adults and artists from around the world will be on display. Additions to this years display include lanterns from professional Vancouver-based lantern makers Jacquie Rolston and Ben Rosen-Purcell including  wolves, jelly fish, salmon and many more. Local artists Stan Matwychuk, Chelsea Kozlan and Robin Leitch and Brendan Cavanagh will also be creating new large scale lanterns.


Circle the Heart
November 27 – December 14, 2012

Artists Christine Stufano Simpson, Samera Gibson and Jennifer Zizman take us full circle in the upcoming exhibition entitled “Circle the Heart”. Works on display are charged with an emotional and spiritual vision and express ideas of personal journey and interconnectedness. The artists look inward to discover a form of “self-expression” that offers an individual voice for each artist but as a collection the work shows a consistent search for personal emotional truths that many people are able to relate to.


Wine Box Show – “Pending Discomfort”
November 2 – 21, 2012 

Arne Gutmann brings the Wine Box Show “Pending Discomfort” to Scotia Creek Gallery in Millennium Place from November 2 - 21, 2012. 20 artists were given an old wine box to transform. The group show is the second of its kind that Arne has produced. The art show has been a culmination of eight years of collection and preparation for Artist Arne Gutmann. The show title implies that the art pieces that will be showcased are sure to provoke the viewer. Although most of the artists hail from the Sea to Sky corridor, Arne has enlisted the work of special guests from Nelson, Vancouver and sSouth of the boarder (Chris Crites aka the Bagpainter from Seattle and Monty Montegommery from San Diego California). Other artists include: Adrian Raeside, Doid, Pepe, Andy Fenwick, Les Anthony, Asta Kovanen, Taka Sudo, The Incredible Amoeba, Hayley Wirsching, Monty Montgomery, Chris Crites, Ian Legris, Emily Hagar, Sophie Collins, Mike Riccardi, Seven, Chantelle Pellerin, Stephen Vogler, Dorte Barker, Bruce Rowles, Andrea Mueller, Arne Gutmann, Maria Sandner.


Out of Bounds: Tales from the Backcountry
October 1 - 31, 2012 

Out of Bounds is one of Whistler's premier photo contests and exhibition for emerging photographers. This year Out of Bounds will kick off the ski and snowboard season with the competition and exhibit in October. Just as the snow starts falling the selected photographers’ work will be on display for more than 5,000 ski and snowboard lovers who visit Millennium Place over the course of the month to check out the exhibit and watch multiple ski and snowboard film premiers.


Disappearing into the Landscape 
September 6 - 27, 2012 

Disappearing into the landscape is a collection of work created by Whistler artists who have participated and/or contributed to the Whistler Arts Council’s program Art Workshops on the Lake. Artists include; Vincent Massey, Lisa Geddes, Bea Gonzalez, Anne Popma, Jeff Heintzman, Susie Cipolla, Kathleen Tennock and Lianne Gulka. The works encompass a wide range of styles and the term “landscapes” has been used loosely to represent the idea of place and time – the moment where you disappear into your surroundings and thoughts. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday September 14th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.


Barely There
May 14 - 31, 2012 

This group show is comprised of sketches, drawings and paintings of the nude figure. One of the most interesting aspects of this exhibit is that the art work included showcases everything from raw gesture drawings to completed paintings and everything in between, providing the viewer with the opportunity to have a rare glimpse at the progression of art work.


Wild in Whistler Exhibit
March 26 - April 10, 2012

Wild in Whistler showcases a group of locally based artists whose works depict images of the Whistler landscape and local wildlife. The Whistler Arts Council worked closely with the Bear Smart Society to bring The Wild in Whistler exhibit to life and create awareness of our local environment and our black bear population. The work of ten local artists has been selected which include striking paintings of Black bears in bold colours, beautiful hand built pottery and stone carvings along with photographs of Whistler’s beloved and possibly most famous Bear Jeanie. Artists include; Doria Moodie, Isobel MacLaurin, Bea Gonzalez, Mary-Jane Glover Moffett, Sylvia Dolson, Wim Tewinkel, Jon Fathom, Sid McMillan, Kathleen Tennock and Andrea Padovani.


April 12 - May 10, 2012

Mandy Tsung, Russell Alton, Kristian Adam, Nomi Chi and Daniel Tibbits original art works are on display in the Scotia Creek Gallery from April 12 – May 10, 2012. In this eclectic exhibit entitled “Multiverse” each artist brings forth their own interpretation of an alternate universe; bizarre & surreal, yet playful & beautiful, this look into another world encourages the viewer to gain a fresh perspective into their existing world. Mandy Tsung's surreal portraits embody the vulnerability, strength, love, and sexuality that are inherent within human beings.  Russell Alton prefers to illustrate the imaginary, a world of meaningful moments mixed with humour. The work of Nomi Chi takes interest in the conflicting, often sardonic relationships between humans and nature, constructing her environments around themes of absurdity, femininity, youth and pop culture. Daniel Tibbits works reference ancient architecture, history and language.


​Visuals, Sḵwxwú7mesh – Mother of Wind Exhibit
March 6 - 22, 2012

Over 30 pieces will grace the walls offering a variety of styles all ranging from different subject matter themed around Squamish - Mother of Wind. Visuals Squamish artists were encouraged to channel their ideas to create an exhibition that will develop and investigate the motion of wind and movement. Featuring: Marcelle ARMATAGE, Kay AUSTEN, Linda BACHMAN, Leilani BECKETT, Maureen BROWN, Peter BROWN, Sophie BRUNET, Sanaz BUSINK, Emilie DEROME, Wanda DOYLE, Zoe EVAMY, Ines GABRIC, Bea GONZALEZ, Freda HOFF, Toby JAXON, Susan PEDERSEN, Sonia RICHARDSON, Frederick ROY, Fran SOLAR, Michiko SPLINTER, Kathleen TENNOCK, Linda WAGNER, Karen YAREMKEWICH


Lani Imre
February 13 - 29, 2012

Powerful, independent female characters are the principle subjects of Lani’s work, portrayed using oils, acrylic and spray paint. Special attention and depth of rendering is given to every face, invoking a feeling of subtle contradiction both through sexualizing and asserting the postures and expressions of characters.  It is through this process, Lani’s female characters become an assertion of independence and proclamation to an undeniable vulnerability. Through stylized, illustrative quality, Lani references media and pop culture, giving it a high degree of visual captivation achieved through dynamism of line, colour and scale. Acrylic, mixed media using oils, acrylics and spray paint.


Paper This
January 23 - February 9, 2012

"Paper This" is an experiment in recycled materials. Local artists from a variety of backgrounds including photography, sculpture and design exhibit their work on paper created by Arne Gutmann. The handmade paper includes a collection of materials such as; recycled ski lift passes, birch bark, comic books and cigarette packs. Over 20 artists were then given the paper and were asked to use them as canvases. The exhibit includes work by : Arne Gutmann, Dave Petko, Chantelle Pellerin, Mike Riccardi, Mal Attorp, Les Anthony, Stan Matwychuk, Josee St Amour, Taka Sudo, Goldfinger, The Incredible Amoeba, Doid, Chili Thom, Devin White, Farrahlyn Owen, Robin Dutcher, Jon Paris, Luke Pollard, Andy Fenwick, Sofie Collins, Laurel Terlesky, Sevin, Neil Foster, Lisa Richardson


Festival of Lights & Winter Wonderland
December 19, 2011 - January 19, 2012

Experience Scotia Creek Gallery, in a whole new light - an ambient glow of lanterns and light sculptures.  Unique lanterns will be created by children, adults and artists in Whistler.


Rumble & Loot: Jay Hanscom
October 11 - November 4, 2011

Rumble & Loot is a collection of paintings on wood box frames using various traditional mediums in conjunction with paintings, incorporating contemporary industrial materials such as resin and auto body pin stripping. Pop culture and historical contexts infiltrate Jay’s work. His creative explorations are strongly influenced by his passion for music and film, predominantly 50’s space adventures and classic westerns.


Bands of Colour - Hear the Pine
September 9 - October 6, 2011

This exhibit showcases the work of several local artists whose work reflects the traditions and culture of the Squamish and Lil’wat nations. Simon Bedford’s photographs of the local Pow Wow dancers and Bull Riders inspire the viewer through colour and composition. Simon Bedfords extensive collection of photographs is complimented by the totems and carvings of Squamish nation’s carver Mintle-e-da-us. Hiroko Takaya, a basket weaver living in Mt. Currie, will also display intricately woven baskets created using the ancient art of basket weaving. Other artists exhibiting their work are: Elizabeth Andrews – Cedar Root Weaver, Vera Edmonds – Basket Weaver, Johnny Sylvester Abrahams – Raw hide Drum maker and Painter, Jonathan Joe – Wood Carver and Oliver James – Paintings


A Taste of ArtWalk
June 20 - August 31, 2011

The current display in Scotia Creek gallery located in Millennium place, offer a taste of what ArtWalk has to offer this summer. The exhibit features a wide variety of works in various genres created by over 15 of the 50 local artists participating in ArtWalk 2011. Featured artists include: Andrea Moore, Anne Popma, Dave Petko, Devin White, Jeff Heintzman, Laurel Terlesky, Laurie MacCallum, Liks, Sarah Colpitts, Stan Matwychuk, Susie Cipolla, Taka Sudo, Vanessa Stark and Vincent Massey.


Whistler Secondary School Senior Art Show 
May 17 - June 10, 2011

The senior students of Whistler Secondary School had a year end art show at the Scotia Creek Gallery at Millennium Place. Students from Art 11/12 from both semester 1 and semester 2 had the opportunity to showcase their talent in this show. Some of the pieces were also be available for purchase. Each student created a Major Personal Project for their portfolio which was displayed at the gallery. These items were created in a variety of drawing and painting media.


Carin Smolinski: "Living the Dream"
April 14 - May 13, 2011

Whistler photographer, Carin Smolinski has been shooting travel, photojournalism and portraiture for ten years. Her “Living the Dream” exhibit is a collection of images showcasing the creative and unique living situations that some Whistler locals created in order to live their dream. Smolinski captures various living arrangements ranging from squatter houses, overcrowded bedrooms, closets turned into bedrooms, small trailers plus many more. Her images display a sense of innovation and humour, as her subjects show delight in living the Whistler dream affordably, creatively and adventurously.


Alison Hodson Exhibit
March 28 - April 13, 2011

Recipient of the 2009 Sea To Sky Professional Artist Award of Excellence, Alison Hodson, presents a collection of original art work. Varied in subject matter from urban landscapes to lush forests, her body of work places emphasis on texture and dimension through a unique combination of photographic imagery and textiles. Combining the reality of photographic image on canvas with the abstract, textural qualities of fabric, her style of work is extremely unique and labour intensive. Alison removes areas of her original image and through layers upon layers of multiple fabrics and stitching, she recreates the image enhancing areas of her subject matter. The result is dimensional and striking. As Alison says, “My work can be appreciated from afar for something completely different than it can be appreciated for up close. It has an element of surprise for viewers and I find that so exciting.”


Roots - Celebrating the Year of the Forest
March 2 - 24, 2011

2011 is the International Year of the Forest. The Roots exhibit pays homage to our natural roots; takes some time to examine the interconnected elements of the forest and our lives, incorporating the forms of nature in between. The artists showcasing their work were all lower mainland artists, working with natural themes –whether through the images they create, the mediums they use, or a combination of the two. Each artist has a relationship with the natural world that they communicate about through their medium. Whether the artist is paying homage to the microscopic world, the many colours of a forested landscape, or even using found natural objects as the physical base of their work, this natural world (the forest) plays a key role in the world which we revere. Artists: Vicki Allesia, Pat de Couto, Amanda Maxwell, Urszula Petrykowska, Sarah Ronald, Cathy Rycroft & Valeria Simons.


OUT OF BOUNDS -Tales from the Backcountry
February 1 - 28, 2011

Out of Bounds sport photography contest and exhibit in Whistler was back by popular demand, making 2011 its sixth annual photo contest and exhibition, showcasing backcountry sport photographers, promoting mountain culture and B.C. based athletes. The event offers a chance to meet industry buffs, professional athletes and a chance to win awesome prizing. Coast Range Heliskiing - long term supporter of Out of Bounds - generously gave away two Heliskiing trips in Whistler’s scenic backcountry, in addition there was an adventure package up for grabs for submitting your vote, an ideal win for the thrill seeker or the weekend warrior. Whistler Arts Council awarded two photographers in the following categories: People’s Choice Award and a jury selected Best of Show. The highly qualified jury consisted of industry professionals, athletes and photographers skilled in sport photography.


Sea-to-Sky Brushes
January 6 - 31, 2011

Sea to Sky Brushes was a group exhibit composed of talented members from Vancouver-based Artists: Cheryl Painter, Peter Tregale and Carole Wilson. They took the viewer on a scenic journey through the whimsical, quaint countryside of British Columbia. Through the use of acrylics and watercolour, collectively these friends offer a unique perspective of the panoramic landscape of this province as they spend the summers painting together at Painter's Landing in West Vancouver. From local seascapes to skyward granite pinnacles and places in between, the Sea to Sky Brushes was inspiring.


Whistler Festival of Lights 
December 8, 2010 - January 5, 2011

The Whistler Arts Council  held the first annual Whistler Festival of Lights Exhibition in Millennium Place throughout December 2010.  Scotia Creek Gallery was filled with an ambient glow of lanterns and light sculptures. Over 100 school children participated in the festival of lights along with several artists including Pepe, The Lopez family and The Incredible Amoeba. Zero Ceiling also decorated a beautiful Christmas tree for the gallery to kick off their "Change 4 Change" fundraising campaign.


Angela Teng - LOOM
November 1 - December 5, 2010

Scotia Creek Gallery hosted a new Art show entitled Loom, an exhibition by Angela Teng exploring ideas surrounding domestic craft and high art that challenges fixed cultural ideologies of gender.  Through an intuitive use of material, colour, composition, and form, Teng’s objects and pictures appear desirably queer, yet uncertain. Angela Teng currently attends Emily Carr in Vancouver and was the Winner of the Whistler Arts Councils 2009 " Emerging Artist Award of Excellence".


The "13 Skulls" Art Show
October 18 - 28, 2010

The work of over 20 artists who have transformed various animal skulls into amazing works of art brought to you by Blind Mute Productions and the Whistler Arts Council was on display in October 2010. The opening night on October 20th with a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to the event and screening of "B-Grade Horror fest" a compilation of flicks from previous years.


5enses: The Sixth Sense
September 15 - October 7, 2010

The 5enses are five North Shore women from diverse cultures and backgrounds who share a passion for painting and mixed media. Lori Bagnérès, Catherine Fields, Therese Joseph, Mena Martini, and Sara Morison have exhibited their art as a group at the Alliance Française and at the Silk Purse Gallery in Vancouver, and are presently exhibiting at the Leighdon Gallery in Vancouver. "The focus of this exhibition in Scotia Creek  Gallery is the role that intuition has on the art process and the challenge of the artist to connect with her deeper self, so as to achieve a resonance between shapes, colours and the viewer’s eyes and soul."

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