Box Office Services

To ensure consistency and quality of service, it is a condition of your reservation that you utilize our box office and front of house services for ticketed events. Millennium Place will print and manage your ticket inventory and provide you with reporting on ticket sales. Ticket sales are offered at the Millennium box office, by phone and online via ticketing software.

Box Office Fees

Ticket Printing: Tickets will be ordered once all the relevant details and your reservation has been confirmed with box office staff. The purchase of tickets is accounted for on your booking contract. service fee: $1.50 per ticket sold. This fee applies to both box office and off-site sales.

Credit Card processing chargeback: 3% will be applied to the gross ticket revenue collected.

SOCAN fees: Where admission is charged and if your event features live music, 3% of gross receipts from ticket sales, exclusive of sales and amusement taxes will be paid to SOCAN (minimum $35.00 per concert). Learn more about these fees at

Theatre Improvement Fund

The Theatre Improvement Fund is a fund developed for capital improvements to and maintenance of the Franz Wilhelmsen Theatre. Funding for the Theatre Improvement Fund is gained through a $1 - $3 surcharge to the customer per ticket sold. All of the funds go towards maintenance and capital improvements of the Millennium Place theatre.

Off Site Sales

You may distribute tickets to sell off-site in advance through your own channels. All unsold tickets and collected revenue must be returned to Millennium Place by noon the day of your event. Unsold tickets will be returned to our inventory to be sold through our system. Please note that outstanding tickets or revenue are the responsibility of the vending location and is therefore accountable for lost tickets or revenue. Millennium Place requires that an Off-Site Ticket Sales agreement be signed by each location to account for inventory issued.

Event Reconciliation

Event reconciliation will be completed two weeks after the date of your event. Reports will be provided showing gross box office sales. All box office fees and venue fees will be deducted from the gross box office sales. The net will be issued by mail in the form of a cheque. Should the net box office reflect a negative amount, an invoice will be issued.

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