Local Artists

The Sea to Sky Corridor attracts and inspires painters, sculptors, artisans, writers and performers from all over the world to live, work and play in the incredible surroundings of ocean, lakes and mountains. Our Artist Gallery represents a small number of the hundreds of emerging and professional artists living from Lions Bay to Mt. Currie.

If you are an artist from the Corridor and wish to be featured in the gallery, please contact about becoming a member of the Whistler Arts Council.

Alice Lambert | Digital Artist

Born in France, Arts has always been considered as part of Alice’s life. After several years taking classes at the Fine Arts, she studied Graphic Design in Paris. By learning various drawing techniques, Alice discovered...  View Profile

Alison Hodson | Fine Artist

Born in Oakville, Ontario in 1978, Alison moved to Toronto in 2000 to study at the Ontario College of Art & Design. During her years of education, Alison studied graphic design and photography before earning a...  View Profile

Alli Van Gruen | Fine Artist

Allison Millar van Gruen received her fine arts diploma from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Ontario. Part of her studies included a year abroad at the college's satellite campus in Florence, Italy. It...  View Profile

Andrea Mueller | Fine Artist

Andrea’s newest body of work takes a look at relationships. Her work examines the relationship between human experience, memory, language, the land, and the impact they have on each other. Her imagery incorporates...  View Profile

Andrea Padovani | Fine Artist

Andrea Padovani, was born in Verona Italy in 1961) and now lives and works in Whistler BC.

Recent exhibitions in 2011 include Venice Biennale, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo; solo show GHELFI Gallery Verona Italy....  View Profile

Bea Gonzalez | Fine Artist

I was born in Spain and grew up in Toronto. I came to Whistler for an afternoon drive in 1986 and never left. I have a wonderful husband and two amazing children.

I started painting in 2001 when I met Lyle...  View Profile

Benjamin McLaughlin | Artisan

Benjamin McLaughlin is a practicing artist and Industrial Designer in Whistler and Vancouver, British Columbia. He studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, for several years before emigrating to Canada,...  View Profile

Borgi Rayen | Artisan

Borgi Rayen lives and creates in beautiful Whistler, BC. She is inspired by the natural wonders that surrounds her. Jewellery or clay, her style represents a quiet beauty. It started with a part-time hobby and bloomed...  View Profile

Caroline Miller | Artisan

Originally from Vancouver Island, Caroline apprenticed under a jeweller in Montevideo, Uruguay and then went on to receive a Diploma from the Kootenay School of the Arts Majoring in Jewellery and Small Object Design. She...  View Profile

Cary and Paulo Lopes | Digital Artist

They have adapted their studio to create their live pieces of art as entertainment, right in front of the guest. This has proven to be very much an appreciated form of live entertainment.

This two-artist team is...  View Profile

Cheryl Wheeler | Fine Artist

Cheryl Wheeler’s artistic intention is to engage an intimacy of the human Spirit with the spiritual beauty of flowers. This intention is achieved with a richness and gentle strength of colour that spills onto the canvas...  View Profile

Cheryl Massey | Artisan

A venture into the Northern Gulf Islands led to Cheryl discovering her passion for weaving as she sat on a beach to create her first bird-nest-like basket from the grass surrounding her. Under the teachings of...  View Profile

Chili Thom | Fine Artist

Being born and raised in British Columbia has offered Chili an interesting and inspiring life hiking and exploring the vast and beautiful wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. As a small child, he developed a keen...  View Profile

Dan Carr | Photographer

Born in the UK , Dan took a gap year in Whistler after high-school in 2001which planted the seed for a mountain obsession. While his passion for mountain life took a backseat as he finished his degree in England, it wasn...  View Profile

Dave Petko | Fine Artist

Dave Petko has resided in Whistler sicne 1995. He picks subject matter that he mostly finds interesting and not what sells quickly. Petko's work aims to tell underlying stories, where the main, lone characters are found...  View Profile

David Torre | Fine Artist

David Torre was born in Spain, 1989. David first came to Whistler at the age of seventeen and has now made of this town and its mountains his second home. 

David grew up near Madrid and has now moved to a small...  View Profile

Debra MacArthur | Fine Artist

Debra MacArthur was raised in London, Ontario but has called British Columbia her home for the past 28 years - over ten of these living here in Whistler. Inspired by her close friend and mentor Lorna Emslie, Debra...  View Profile

Devin White | Fine Artist

Devin White is 18 years old and has lived in Whistler all his life. He started creating art at the age of thirteen- and has not looked back. He has been in a number of Art shows including Blind mute shows, ArtWalk and...  View Profile

Effie Baker | Artisan

  View Profile

Elaine Hunter | Photographer

My images are printed on acrylic or metal without a frame, a very contemporary look. They can also be printed on paper and framed, or on a canvas.

Magical photography with inspired use of colour and digital...  View Profile

Elisa DeJong | Fine Artist

Elisa DeJong is a Whistler artist originally from the West Coast. She has studied art and design in Vancouver and Ontario. Elisa has lived in Whistler for the past 17 years with her husband and three children.

...  View Profile

Elizabeth Boylan | Fine Artist

Born and raised in french speaking Montréal, Québec, it was a love for snowboarding that brought Elizabeth to Whistler. She attended Emily Carr University of Art & Design to pursue a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and 3D...  View Profile

Emily Baggaley | Fine Artist

           Emily Baggaley was born in Vancouver in 1993 but raised on Haida Gwaii, BC. Emily moved to Whistler in May, 2013. Growing up in such a culturally rich environment with the community having a great passion for...  View Profile

Frances Solar | Artisan

Fran Solar is a contemporary BC artist who combines textile techniques with unconventional materials to create unique woven sculpture, both free-standing and wall-mounted.

Fran studied at the University of...  View Profile

Greg Eymundson | Photographer

Greg Eymundson is the founder of Insight Photography International and wpnn.org (est. 1994) Greg is a co-founder of ImmersiVision and is also a PADI Under Water Photography Instructor and a judge in the annual VIMFF...  View Profile

Hiroko Tayaka | Artisan

Hiroko is a mother of two young boys, is a passionate gardener, herbalist and basket weaver.   She first came to Mount Currie in 1998 and knew that she wanted to stay.   Since she was a child, she has loved handicrafts...  View Profile

Holly St.Denis | Artisan

Holly grew up in Langley, BC where creativity was always encouraged in her home. Living in Whistler for over seven years has allowed her to experiance many styles of art. Although she has dabbled in different mediums her...  View Profile

Isobel MacLaurin | Fine Artist

Having completed three years of formal art studies in  New Brunswick , Isobel Maclaurin has been a working artist all her life.

A long term Whistler resident, her murals are on Blackcomb and  Whistler   Mountains...  View Profile

Jan McKechnie | Fine Artist

  View Profile

Jane MacLeod Dow | Fine Artist

Jane MacLeod Dow was born in Carberry Manitoba and moved to her family's home in West Vancouver at the age of 5. Jane grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia and has primarily been enriched by her artistic family...  View Profile

Jeff Heintzman | Fine Artist

Jeff was born in Toronto around supper time on April 20, 1951.

In the summer of 1957, he earned his "Tree Badge" at Camp Wasseosa. This meant that the young Jeff could discern a White Pine from a Red Maple. The...  View Profile

Jennifer Blair | Artisan

A born creator, this self-taught glass artist admits that her hot fused work has evolved mostly through trial & error and that when she first started experimenting with glass, her pieces were straightforward, linear...  View Profile

Jenny Angus | Fine Artist

Jenny is an emerging artist with a studio practice of drawing and painting in both pen/inks and oil paints. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1990 with a specialization in editorial illustration...  View Profile

Jim Brompton | Photographer

Jim Brompton is a long time Landscape and Nature Photographer and he has owned a photography business since 1978. He has had many images published and feature articles written about his adventures and the photos that have...  View Profile

Joan Baron | Fine Artist

Joan has been enriched by the arts her entire life. Born in Vancouver, BC, she was raised and educated in California. Joan's work is truly "unreal". More than a gratuitous description, it best explains her style of...  View Profile

Joanna Lovett | Artisan

West coast artist, Joanna Lovett has captured the essence of her world in soft-textured, wearable pieces that make personal statements for the wearer. She has been making her distinctive style of jewelry for over ten...  View Profile

Joern Rohde | Photographer

Joern has been interested in photography from a young age. Starting in high school, taking photos for the Yearbook as well as taking photos for his swim club.

Photography continued to be a “hobby” until moving to...  View Profile

Judy Bourhis | Artisan

Now, nearly thirty-five years later, I find it is still, all about the stained glass for me; this beautiful and rare, specialty glass, that is imported from international factories.

I have specialized in custom...  View Profile

Kathleen Tennock | Artisan

Kathleen was born in South Africa where she studied Fine Art at the Johannesburg Art Foundation and even though she no longer live there, the forms and textures of Africa can still be seen and felt all through her work...  View Profile

Ken Wesman | Fine Artist

Ken Wesman is an artist commissioned for seven official images for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Later that same year, with an invitation from the Korean Olympic President , he painted and...  View Profile

Kosta Man | Performing Artist

Kostaman has performed solo acts, highly energized acts with his Good Vibrations Band and Dub acts with his Dub Squad Band for the past 7 years. His unique music is a creative mix of Rock, Experimental, World-Beat, Blues...  View Profile

Kyle Graham | Photographer

When receiving my first camera at a very young age, it was wrapped and said “From:Santa”. This was the start of something greater than just trying something new, little did I know it then, but this was the start of a...  View Profile

Laurel Terlesky | Fine Artist

Laurel Terlesky is a Canadian artist who explores the interaction of different media ranging from paint to digital projection. In particular, she investigates the edge between technology and the human condition.  Her...  View Profile

Lauri Lyster | Performing Artist

  View Profile

Lauri Lyster | Musician

Lauri Lyster is a truly versatile musician. Although she started on the drum set, and playing jazz drums continues to be her main passion, she has many varied interests. She is equally at home playing classical...  View Profile

Laurie MacCallum | Artisan

Laurie MacCallum has been potting for over 10 years, although only seriously the last few years.  Laurie is inspired by primitive and historical ceramics and finishes her pieces to reference artifacts found at...  View Profile

Leilani Finch | Fine Artist

Leilani's favorite subjects are water, sky, mountains, birds and animals. Her favourite mediums are acrylics and oils on canvas. She completed the three year IDEA (Illustration and Design; Elements and Applications)...  View Profile

Lianne Gulka | Fine Artist

Based in Whistler and Vancouver, Lianne Gulka  has lived on the west coast for over 20 years and hails from Ontario (Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Muskoka). Captivated by BC’s stunning scenery, Lianne takes advantage of many...  View Profile

Liks . | Fine Artist

Hailing from The Land Down under, Liks (Alex Foulis) grew up in  Melbourne  in the late 80's and early 90s. Seeing the graffiti-laden walls while riding the city train system he quickly became consumed - creating an...  View Profile

Linda Davies | Artisan

Throughout my life I have been drawn to colour, texture, design and the effects of light and dark.

The magical nature of lampwork glass offers me the opportunity to create my personal interpretation of colour and...  View Profile

Lisa Komuro | Fine Artist

"I feel as if we all live in a world that is out of touch with what is truly important in life. Family, love, happiness, beauty and life itself are all distorted by our digital, wireless society. We live in a place where...  View Profile

Lorna Van Straaten | Photographer

I still have the faded black and white pictures taken with my first box camera in grade 5.  The magic of seeing a moment of that day’s field trip captured forever was started a life-long passion. 

Raised in...  View Profile

Maeve Bellmore | Fine Artist

Exploring how the human figure communicates with its surroundings, in the medium of oil on canvas, on a medium to large scale. I am concerned with creating a pleasurable atmosphere and sensuality by painting emotions...  View Profile

Mark Richards | Photographer

Mark Richards was born in Ottawa and has been involved in the art world since childhood.  Growing up in his father’s studio (owner of the renowned Montague Art Gallery in Nova Scotia) enabled Mark to develop his artistic...  View Profile

Mary Ellen Browning | Photographer

Mary Ellen is a nature photographer living part time in Pemberton. Like so many others, she was originally drawn to the Sea to Sky region through her love for skiing.

Mary Ellen was encouraged to pick up a camera...  View Profile

Mary-Jane Glover-Moffett | Fine Artist

Mary-Jane Glover-Moffett was born in Africa and moved to England at a young age where she was schooled in Art. Her passion for being creative was reflected in her high grades in fine art. After moving to Canada in 1974...  View Profile

Matt Murray | Photographer

Matt Murray is a photography artist in Whistler, BC, Canada who captures a variety of image styles using digital media. The fusion of an artist's creativity and current digital image technology allows for the beauty of...  View Profile

Melissa Trottier | Photographer

Melissa Anne Trottier has been a photographer since 1998. She built her portfolio by working with other emerging figures in film and sports to create photographs that are both intensely personal and outwardly provocative...  View Profile

Michael Overbeck | Photographer

Michael Overbeck is a young, up and coming adventure photographer living in Whistler.

It all started for Michael at the age of 14, with his parents teaching him how to use the family camera on a camping trip,...  View Profile

Michele Bush | Performing Artist

Porta Parties!

Comedy Telegrams, Quick & Easy Party Themes

  View Profile

Mike Crane | Photographer

After spending years working around the globe in Australia, France, Japan and the Channel Islands all while traveling through numerous other countries in Europe and Asia, Mike has now settled in Whistler and is focusing...  View Profile

Mike Tyler | Artisan

  View Profile

Nathalie Morin | Fine Artist

Nathalie Morin set her sights on oil painting in 2007, and has since fallen in love and never turned back. With meager funds and a keen sense of curiosity, she taught herself the medium through the careful observation of...  View Profile

Olivier Roy | Fine Artist

Olivier moved from Montreal to Whistler in 1992 after getting a degree in fine art. Since then he has been pursuing the dual life of professional snowboarder and artist. He has been working in many different styles and...  View Profile

Paul Porter | Photographer

The world, the way I see it.

Born and raised in England, and having found inspiration in Australia through a chance meeting with an award winning photographer.

Fast forward 10 years, the award winning...  View Profile

Penny Eder Martyn | Artisan

Penny has been and artist all her life, working in various mediums, from clay, cement, fiberglass, paper mâché, mosaics, to acrylic and pen and ink.

For Penny, it is not simply enough to draw her ideas from all of...  View Profile

Seema Zaidi | Artisan

  View Profile

Sid McMillan | Fine Artist

Sid McMillan was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1970. 

Following several summers in the Whistler backcountry working closely around a black bear named DaVinci, Sid painted a simple version of the bear for his son,...  View Profile

Simon Bedford | Photographer

Simon Bedford came to live in Pemberton 4 years ago after a life working in the UK as a still photographer and TV graphics cameraman. Through a chance meeting in Mount Currie with a local bull rider, Marlon Williams, he...  View Profile

Stan Matwychuk | Fine Artist

Stan Matwychuk (MA-TWAH-CHUK) is a Canadian artist with international exposure. He has been orbiting Whistler, B.C. for 8 years and has gained prominence in Canada and abroad. Stan has shown in New York City, Toronto, ...  View Profile

Sue Oakey | Fine Artist

Susan Oakey grew up in  Vancouver  and began skiing at Whistler when she was three years old. Art was her favourite subject in high school but she pursued more recession-proof studies in French education and became a...  View Profile

Susie Cipolla | Fine Artist

Susie's work primarily depicts scenes of the Pacific Northwest. She has also produced a successful series of Olympic themed paintings. Susie started painting in 2009 after attending a Brian Atyeo workshop through the...  View Profile

Sylvia Dolson | Photographer

As a naturalist, wildlife photographer and freelance writer, Sylvia Dolson spends most of her free time in the company of bears, observing and photographing their natural behaviour in the wild. Sylvia’s passion for...  View Profile

Toby Jaxon | Fine Artist

Toby's public artistic career began early, winning her first accolade in a poster contest at age 6. Moving on to oils and acrylics, she affected a hyperrealist style that eventually taxed her patience. While attending...  View Profile

Todd Easterbrook | Photographer

Born and raised in Montreal. Todd made “the move” to Whistler after finishing a three year commercial photography program at Dawson College. 

In the eight years that he has resided in Whistler he has documented...  View Profile

Vanessa Stark | Fine Artist

With whimsical movement and vibrant tones, Vanessa Stark’s work reflects her lifestyle and environment.When away from the paintbrush, the Whistler/Pemberton artist can be found in the mountains.Snowboarding and mountain...  View Profile

Vincent Massey | Artisan

Vincent Massey graduated from Farnham Art College, England in 1982 specializing in the traditional English and Japanese methods of stoneware, including firing techniques of wood, salt and raku. Further apprenticeships...  View Profile

Wim Tewinkel | Photographer

Wim Tewinkel was born in Holland but has lived most of his life in Canada . Although educated as a forester he spends now much of his time painting and taking photographs. He has published a photo book called “Salish...  View Profile

Yosuke Hamazaki | Artisan

  View Profile

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