Performance Series

Performance Series

This year's Performance Series will be a musical and theatrical feast for the senses, from the rich, resonant sounds of cellist Michael Jones to the lyrical songs of Fred Penner, to the energetic tunes from International Guitar Night. Commit to seeing them all, or just one. It's all up to you.


Special Offer – with the launch of the 2013-2014 Performance Series the Whistler Arts Council is offering a bundled 2013-2014 Performance Series Punchcard & 1 year Membership for $110.00.

This is a savings of over $65.00.

The Performance Series Punchcard entitles you to six seats at any Performance Series show presented by the Whistler Arts Council. You can treat five of your friends plus yourself to one fabulous performance, or enjoy six different shows and mingle with like-minded people.

As a member you facilitate the growth of Whistler Arts Council programs, events, and student art awards and bursaries. Already a member? Buy purchasing this bundle your membership will be extended for another year.

Thank you for believing in what we do.



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October 17th, 2013: Valdy & Graham Wardrop  |  8pm

November 6th, 2013:  International Guitar Night  |  8pm

November 16th, 2013: Fred Penner  |  7pm

November 21st, 2013: Michael Jones  |  8pm

December 13th, 2013: British Columbia Boys Choir  |  7:30pm

January 18th, 2014: Joey Albert & Ray An Fuentes  |  8pm

February 1, 2014: Royal Wood  |  8pm

February 13, 2014: Ken Lavigne  |  8pm

March 1, 2014: Robin Hood by Dufflebag Theatre  |  7pm

March 15, 2014: Le Vent du Nord  |  8pm

March 29, 2014:  Music at Whistler  | 8pm

April 5, 2014:  Del Barber  |  8pm

May 25, 2014:  Pete The Cat  |  7pm



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